1. BBS Nostalgia

    Published: Thu 07 February 2008

    In Articles.

    I was wandering across the Internet recently and was pleased to discover that BBSing is still alive after all of these years. To make a long story short, I accessed a few systems via telnet and ended up registering on two of them.

    There is nothing quite like the nostalgic ...

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  2. The Linux Foundation's New Podcast Series

    The Linux Foundation has launched a podcast series that will feature interviews with various leaders of the open source movement. Their first podcast which is the first half of a two part interview features Linus Torvalds.

    I have to say that their first podcast was pretty decent overall. The only ...

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  3. Hello Zsh

    Every so often I get an impulsive desire to try something new and yesterday morning was no different.

    While sitting at the computer and catching up on my RSS feeds I decided it was time to take zsh for a spin and thus my adventure for the day had begun ...

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