1. New Tremulous Server

    I figured I would help spread the word about a new Tremulous server that was recently set up by Stythys & Daenyth, a couple members of the Arch Linux community, since there was some interest expressed on the forum.

    If you enjoy playing Tremulous and want to play against fellow GNU ...

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  2. To build or not to build..

    While going through my closet today I made a nice discovery which consisted of a box full of old motherboards, their corresponding processors, and some random cards.

    After sorting through everything on the table I really wished that I had a some spare cases laying around because if I combined ...

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  3. Apple //e Enhanced

    As someone with a soft spot for out-dated hardware I have a tendency to acquire and fix unwanted machines so that they can be useful one again. My most recent project was definately no exception to the rule.

    It was a filthy Apple //e Enhanced computer that had years of ...

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