1. Openbox 3.3 has been released

    Rejoice my fellow Openbox users! Openbox 3.3 has finally been released.

    If you have not been keeping up with the development of this great window manager here is your chance to see what you have been missing.

    Heck.. This is even a golden opportunity for you other *box users ...

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  2. openSUSE's "Kickoff" menu for KDE is over-hyped

    Published: Thu 24 August 2006

    In Articles.

    It appears openSUSE 10.2 is getting a newly redesigned K-menu for KDE (code-named "Kickoff") which was created by the KDE and usability team at SUSE after doing usability testing with a variety of other menus.

    While I don't particularly care about KDE, I decided to take a look ...

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  3. A call to Openbox users

    Ask not what your window manager can do for you; ask what you can do for your window manager.

    Do you love Openbox? Of course you do...

    Here is your chance to help in its development. The release of Openbox 3.3 is getting closer and testers are needed in ...

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  4. Listen: A music player and manager for GNOME

    I stumbled across an interesting music player and manager called Listen yesterday.

    I have been playing around with it for the past half hour or so and I will say that it is a definitely a decent alternative to Rhythmbox and Banshee which also appears to have many if not ...

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  5. A new screenshot

    It has been awhile since I posted a screenshot of my desktop so here we go.

    Running: openbox-cvs, thunar, galeon, & gajim

    Openbox Desktop

    Also, I have uploaded all of my recently updated dot-files & configs should anyone be interested.

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  6. Video games of the past and present

    Have you ever noticed that while newer video games definitely have superior graphics compared to the old days not many of them seem to have the same kind of replay value as the older games?

    As most can attest to the video game industry has lost touch with itself ever ...

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  7. Dvorak Update

    I figured it was about time I gave my promised update regarding my switch to the Dvorak keyboard layout.

    It has been almost three weeks since I switched and I am typing at a decent speed and slowly getting back to my normal typing speed.

    I stopped using the tutors ...

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