1. July 2010 Screenshot #2

    Another desktop screenshot

    I know.. I know.. Too many screenshots in a row.

    I normally leave my desktop unchanged for awhile once I set it, but needless to say I didn't do that this time. :P

    I generally prefer dark themes, so this is the first light themed desktop I have used ...

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  2. Rockbox 3.6 Released

    The developers of Rockbox, an open source firmware replacement for digital audio players, have released version 3.6.

    I love Rockbox for its customization and Ogg Vorbis support. I run it on multiple digital audio players (Sansa e250v1, Sansa e250v2, and a Sansa Fuze) and I couldn't be happier ...

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  3. Even more Compact Macintoshes added to my collection

    I absolutely love going to Swap Shops. You can find a lot of great things some times.

    I picked up two Apple Macintosh Pluses and a Macintosh SE for $15 today. They are all fully functional and each came with a Kensington System Saver attached as well.

    They are a ...

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  4. Google releases WebM, a new Open and Royalty-Free Video Codec

    Published: Wed 19 May 2010

    In Articles.

    Google has announced that they have open-sourced their recently acquired VP8 video codec and created a new container file format called WebM.

    WebM is an open and royalty-free container that  combines the VP8 video codec with Vorbis and will run within web browsers that support HTML5.

    The project's launch ...

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  5. Arch Linux 2010.05 Snapshots Available

    The developers of Arch Linux, a light-weight rolling-release GNU/Linux distribution, have announced the release of new installation media.

    Arch Linux 2010.05 is an updated snapshot of the project's core packages so this is the perfect time to give it a try if you have been thinking about ...

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