My top 10 favorite applications

My top 10 favorite applications which I use these daily.

GALEON: I prefer galeon over firefox and other browsers because it contains no over bloated features.To put it simply.. it has all I need for a browser.

IRSSI: It's simply the best console irc client in my personal opinion.

MPD: The music player daemon.. I highly recommend it.

MUTTNG: A fork of the mutt email client.

OPENBOX: My window manager of choice. It's fast, light-weight, and who doesn't love XML config files?

OPENSSH: The reasons are obvious. Work on machines remotely and also securely transfer files.

ROX: Who needs a bloated file manager? ROX is perfect for those who want something that is light-weight and fast.

SCREEN: Here's another one where I don't think I really need to say why I love this one.. you should already know.

URXVT: One of the reasons that I love urxvt (rxvt-unicode) is because of its perl extensions.. specifically the mark-urls plug-in. It comes in handy for viewing urls while you are using irssi, etc.

VI: What can I say? It speaks for itself.


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