Why do people expect GNU/Linux to be just like Windows?

Why do so many people refuse to look at GNU/Linux as a viable operating system just because it isn't a clone of Windows?

Some of my acquaintances have expressed interest in GNU/Linux over the years and have even played around with many of the various live-cds that are available. They are no strangers to computers and do seem to like GNU/Linux a bit but they refuse to actually install it on their computers because they are holding out until something comes along that is as easy to use as Windows. They want a GUI for everything as they do not want to ever use the terminal because they don't feel they should have to use one.. They do not understand that GNU/Linux was not created to be a replacement for Windows nor does it share the same goals and philosophy.

People these days are also under the misconception that because it is different it is somehow automatically inferior.

While I can understand and respect their personal choice in an operating system, it annoys me some when they turn around and slam an operating system that they have not bothered to learn or understand.

It seems to be a continuing and saddening trend that all people appear to want these days is something with pretty or otherwise flashy special effects on the screen when they do stuff and some kind of mindless wizard for every task. They don't want to use their machine to its full potential.

I recently had XGL running on a laptop and was playing around with it when one of the above mentioned acquaintances showed up. As if to validate my prior claim they absolutely loved the effects and immediately stated they would switch from Windows if XGL would work perfectly on their system.

It saddened me to see that they had absolutely no desire to run GNU/Linux until they saw some pretty effects on a screen. Even though nothing else had changed outside of XGL, those very effects suddenly became the deciding factor.

Of course, XGL isn't perfect and I will be the first to admit that GNU/Linux isn't perfect either nor a miracle operating system for all users so they quickly lost interest once again before the hour was up.

In the end I don't think I will ever understand the mindset these people seem to have on the matter.


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