The IBM Model M Keyboard

How many of you out there still routinely use or at least love the old IBM Model M keyboards?

If you don't know what the Model M is or have never used one you are missing out in my opinion.

The Model M is an engineering masterpiece from its heavy and sturdy design to its reliable buckling spring keys. There is a reason they are still going strong while all the other equipment from the mid 1980's have been rendered obsolete.

I love them so much that they are the only keyboards that I use in my house (aside from one Model M2 that I have) and I simply cannot see myself ever using another keyboard.

I have also taken to collecting them whenever I get the chance to do so. The oldest one in my collection is from 1987 and it is still going strong which is of course a testament to what I was saying earlier.

(While on the subject of my growing collection: I am still looking for some in good condition from 1985 & 1986 in case someone has one laying around that they don't want.)

I'd love to get some responses from fellow Model M enthusiasts so please feel free to post your comments on this page.


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