openSUSE's "Kickoff" menu for KDE is over-hyped

It appears openSUSE 10.2 is getting a newly redesigned K-menu for KDE (code-named "Kickoff") which was created by the KDE and usability team at SUSE after doing usability testing with a variety of other menus.

While I don't particularly care about KDE, I decided to take a look at the new menu and see what is so great about it since it is getting a lot of hype.

The menu itself is wasting too much space by default and the tabs at the bottom were way too huge. The menu does appear to be re-sizable though, but I think they really should work on compacting the entire menu.

One of the new features is that the menu is now designed to slide back and forth instead of opening sub-menus when you attempt to navigate through the all programs section. This new feature looks like it will slow you down instead of being helpful in its current state.

In the end it is still just an prototype that some people are over-hyping, but it will still be interesting to see how the final menu design has evolved when it comes out.

You can get a preview of "Kickoff" by visiting the following link:


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