Torvalds: Windows Vista is over-hyped and could help Linux

In an recent interview with Computerworld at the conference, Linus Torvalds gave his thoughts on Windows Vista. Here are a few quick excerpts:

I don't actually think that something like Vista will change how people work that much. I think it, to some degree, has been over-hyped as being something completely new and I don't actually think it is.

One of the things we will probably notice is the hardware requirements for Vista are obviously much higher, and that could end up helping Linux just because people notice that you can run Linux on machines and have it work very well even if that same machine couldn't run Vista at all.

In many ways the exciting, revolutionary things tend to happen elsewhere than the desktop.

I must say that I agree with him completely. I hope that people who don't want to upgrade their computers just to use Vista or simply don't want the operating system will take a good look at GNU/Linux as an excellent alternative.


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