My Antec RMA Experience

I recently had the honor of dealing with Antec's RMA department as my NeoHE 550 power supply failed after 9 months of normal operation.

I received my RMA number three days after my initial inquiry and I was informed that I needed to give them a copy of my original receipt before they would even accept the RMA. I was able to supply a copy of it, but I thought that was kind of strange since I have never needed a receipt for an RMA with any other company.

I understand that is in most likely their way to help protect themselves from scams, but it is still an interesting and rather useful tactic to screw over those who are unfortunate enough to misplace their receipts.

My RMA Replacement came to me about a week after paying to have it shipped back to them. I do have to admit that it was actually fairly quick since both the RMA and the replacement were shipped ground across the country.

There was only one problem. Although the box was signed off and the packing slip itself read NeoHE 550, I was sent a completely different power supply.

I called them up and the customer service operator just sighed when he heard it was "another" incorrect replacement and immediately forwarded me to the RMA's phone line. Unfortunately, no one picked up even after my many subsequent redials over a period of a few hours.

I received a fairly quick response after electing to email them the next day. They were polite, apologized for the inconvenience, and gave me their UPS account number so that I could return the item without having to pay this time around. I also was promised that the moment I gave them the tracking number for the incorrect replacement, they would immediately send out the correct one for me.

They kept their word and a day after I gave them the tracking information, my power supply left their warehouse. Aside from the initial shipping error, I have to say it was a fairly hassle free experience for me.

I am just hoping that my new NeoHE 550 will last longer than the other one did.


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