Gamepark Holdings announces a new GP2X Linux-based hand-held

Gamepark Holdings recently unveiled their newest model of the Linux-based GP2X hand-held.

I had held off from posting about it while I waited for more information to appear, but since a promotional video surfaced on YouTube today I figured it was time to weigh in on the GP2X-F200.

The F200 appears to be a nice upgrade and incentive for those who do not yet have a GP2X.

Unfortunately, little has changed over its predecessor as the only differences that distinguishes the F200 apart from the older model is that it is white, has a touch screen, contains minor software enhancements (e.g., a separate icon for emulators), a new skin for the interface, and an eight-way digital pad.

Even with these changes I am kind of disappointed that they didn't change anything else as there were so many other things I would have rather seen done to the system.

Regardless, I have to say that the touch screen is a nice touch that opens the GP2X up to a broader range of usability and the inclusion of the digital pad will make a lot of people happy. There have been many complaints logged across the Internet about the GP2X-F100's joystick (I personally have no qualms with the joy stick though).

I am going to be honest and say that I personally do not think that I will be upgrading to the GP2X-F200 as I am perfectly happy with my GP2X-F100.


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