Sandisk Sansa e200 v2 series MP3 player incompatible with Rockbox

I was roaming around one of my local electronics stores today and decided to purchase an Sandisk Sansa e250R MP3 player since I wanted a shiny new Rockbox powered player.

Unfortunately, after playing around with the e250R for a little while and being unable to patch the bootloader, I discovered that the hardware for the e200 series was recently modified and as a result Rockbox will not currently work on it.

I do not believe in returning perfectly functioning hardware so my plans for world domination installing Rockbox have been put on hold until they release a compatible version.

I figured I would let others know just in case they were planning on buying one as it seems the only way to know if you have a new model (at least in my experience) is a small 'v2' etched into the back of the actual unit because there was nothing on the box.


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