A journey from dual screens to a single wide screen display

The CRT monitor which was part of my dual screen setup finally become bad enough to warrant a replacement and after some thought I have decided to move away from a dual screen configuration to a single wide screen LCD with a resolution of 1680x1050.

Even though I obviously lost screen space in the transition away from a combined resolution of 2560x1024, I have to say that overall I am quite pleased with the change.

Not only did it free up my other LCD so that I can use it with something else, it was also the perfect opportunity to give myself a reason for upgrading my video card from a GeForce FX 5200 to a newer model so that I could make use of DVI and also receive a better frame rate when playing games like Tremulous.

The only question I have left is whether or not I want to trash the CRT monitor since it is still fairly usable (it works fine as long as you limit it to just displaying the console) and I could always put it into storage for use should the need arise.


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