Archlinux 2008.04-RC Quick Tour

The latest install images for Archlinux (2008.04-RC) were released today and I figured I would make a quick tour for it.

In this release grub launches instead of the CD dropping you to a boot: prompt. The grub menu gives you a multitude of choices and I have to say that this simple change will really make a good first impression for first time users.

Archlinux Grub

The tools menu gives you some useful items such as memtest86+ and even lets you play a few rounds of Space Invaders should you be interested in doing so.

Archlinux Tools

The grub settings menu allows you to change your keyboard layout and grub's color scheme.

Archlinux Grub Settings

Archlinux Grub Settings

Archlinux Grub Settings

The entries in the help menu is fairly scarce at the moment, but should prove to be useful to people in the near future.

Archlinux Help

Finally, the options menu gives you the ability to boot from existing installs.

Archlinux Options

After booting you are obviously dropped to the login screen.

Archlinux Login

Archlinux Root

The installation procedure is pretty much the same as it always has been. However, the installer now defaults to the usage of UUIDs instead of sdX/hdX entries.

Archlinux Install

Archlinux Install

Archlinux Install


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