Laconica: AGPL micro-blogging system

I first found out about Laconica, the AGPL micro-blogging system created by Evan Prodromou, when I discovered about a day or so after it was opened to the public.

I considered installing it, but I held off for a bit until I learned more about it and its development.

In the end, the federated nature of Laconica which allows users to send notices across the various installations on the Internet was the deciding factor for me to install it because I have a preference for running things from my own site instead of relying on a third party site when possible in order to minimize the need to register and share my information with them (e.g., OpenID, etc.)

The installation and configuration was fairly easy and I haven't had any issues aside from having to modify the rewrite rules in the .htaccess file slightly to get the "fancy" URLs to work correctly on this server.

I have to do a little extra work since I pull the latest patches through darcs about once a day or so which sometimes requires changes to the database. Luckily, Evan posted a useful script to use for when this need arises.

I don't plan on using the XMPP or SMS features that Laconica provides so the only thing left on my current agenda is to create a new theme for it sometime in the near future.

I was initially just going to use it for myself, but I figured that given the nature of the software others within the community might be interested in using it as well.

If you want to use it you can find it at


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