OpenInkpot: free and open-source firmware for eInk-based eBook Readers

When I was initially looking for information on the Hanlin V3 prior to the purchase of my BeBook, I stumbled upon a project that caught my attention and I bookmarked the site in order to watch its development.

The project is OpenInkpot, a free and open-source Linux distribution for eInk-powered devices, and its recent 0.1 release introduced support for the Hanlin V3ext (e.g., BeBook).

This of course makes me extremely happy because I really like the ideals behind the OpenInkpot project and wanted to try it out. Their website sports a Social Contract which states that the system and components follow the Debian Free Software Guidelines also strongly discourages the use of DRM.

It is quite usable even at such an early stage of its life and they even released a convenient "live" version that allows you to simply boot off of your current firmware instead of being forced to flash your device.

OpenInkpot 0.1 currently supports fb2, HTML, CHM, Plucker, zTxt, TCR, RTF, OEB, OpenReader, Mobipocket (non-DRM), & plaintext.

Pictures: (click to expand)

Inkpot: Booting Inkpot: Menu

Inkpot: Viewing E-Book Inkpot: Settings

Inkpot: Page Jump


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