I just realized that I have been using GNU/Linux for over 10 years now

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today and I found myself browsing old screen shots of Afterstep, fvmw, blackbox, KDE 1.0, etc.

It is an interesting feeling to look back on things you used to use. You cannot help noticing just how far things have come and it invariably leaves you wondering where all that time between then and now went so quickly.

I just had to shake my head. Even though it was over ten years ago, it still feels like it was yesterday when my father came home with a copy of Red Hat Linux 5.0 that he purchased on a whim and inadvertently started me on this journey.

I kind of wish that I still had backups and screen shots of my setups from back then. It is a shame that all I have left is my configuration files for blackbox which are dated 2001.

How long have you been using GNU/Linux? Feel free to share some of your fond memories in the comment section if you want too.


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