HashOver: An excellent new open source commenting system

I came across a new open source commenting system today called HashOver.

The project was released earlier this week under the GNU Affero General Public License with the goal of being a self-hosted open source replacement for proprietary comment system services such as Disqus.

I personally think that Jacob Barkdull, HashOver's developer, definitely full-filled the goal he was striving for with his project.

Even as a newly released project, HashOver comes with everything that you would expect a mature comment system to have and it is very easy to implement into your existing website.


  • Easily integrates with your website with one line of JavaScript or PHP.
  • Light-weight and easily themeable
  • Comment administration and Spam filtering (including referer checking and IP blocking).
  • Comment sorting
  • Comment permalinks and RSS feeds
  • Threaded replies
  • Email notification
  • Avatar icons
  • .. and more!

If you would like some more information on HashOver, check out the following links:

Additionally, please feel free to test the system here on this site or on the demo sites linked above.


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