1. SliTaz: A light-weight GNU/Linux distribution

    SliTaz, a GNU/Linux distribution which weighs in at only 25 megabytes, recently caught my eye and as a fan of light-weight distributions I had to check it out.

    Everything is fairly straight forward. During the boot process it asks you a few simple questions regarding your preferred locale, keymap ...

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  2. Archlinux 2008.04-RC Quick Tour

    The latest install images for Archlinux (2008.04-RC) were released today and I figured I would make a quick tour for it.

    In this release grub launches instead of the CD dropping you to a boot: prompt. The grub menu gives you a multitude of choices and I have to ...

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  3. Converting family members to GNU/Linux

    I was finally able to convince my sister to make the switch to GNU/Linux a few months back and I am pleased to say that she is still happily chugging along with it.

    She is not computer savvy and was initially being worried that her pictures and other files ...

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