1. Podcasts that I enjoy

    Whenever I am able to, I enjoy listening to various audio podcasts in order to help pass the time.

    The podcasts posted below are the shows that I try to listen to as soon as a new episode is released. If I only recently started listening to something or I ...

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  2. My Apple Newton Collection is now complete

    I finally acquired the last remaining Apple Newton Messagepad model that my beloved collection was sorely lacking. I am now the proud owner of a near-mint Newton Messagepad 2100 (which will now become my primary Newton).

    My Newton collection consists of:

    • Newton OMP
    • 2x Newton 100
    • Newton 110
    • Newton 120 ...
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  3. Apple Newton IRC Channel

    I was looking for an IRC channel for Apple Newton enthusiasts recently and was unfortunately unable to find one.

    Needless to say, I decided to create one for the Newton community to use should anyone desire to do so.

    Join us in ##newton on the Freenode network (irc.freenode.net ...

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