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  1. The journey continues..

    I just noticed that it has been almost a year since the last time I posted anything on my website.

    In a way it is a bit of a shock because it honestly does not feel like it has been that long and I had not intended to stop posting ...

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  2. Fish 2.0: The Friendly Interactive Shell

    The developers of fish, the friendly interactive shell, released version 2.0 today and the discussions on both Reddit and Hacker News piqued my interest enough that I decided to install it.

    I've only been playing around with the shell for a little while now and I am quite ...

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  3. Impressions: My week with XMonad

    I have been a fan of minimalistic window managers for a long time. It began when I first switched to Blackbox in 2002 and continued on as I migrated to newer Blackbox variants such as Fluxbox and then on to Openbox. Although, when I switched to Openbox in 2005 it ...

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