Jamendo is taking over my music collection

I was going through my music collection recently and I noticed that a rather considerable percentage was from Jamendo, a community dedicated to Creative Commons licensed music.

To be honest, it wasn't really a surprise to me as it simply confirmed what I already assumed. I figured I would take a moment and send some more traffic their way again because I have found that I spend more time downloading albums from Jamendo and listening to them than the albums that I have purchased in stores over the years.

I have been a happy member since I found the site in May. Jamendo currently has 4878 albums available and I definitely recommend checking them out if you have not done so already. A few of my favorite artists are NeXuS (Trance-Club), JT Bruce (Progressive Rock), and Rob Costlow (Solo Piano).

You can also check out my profile for other artists or visit the convenient Ogg Vorbis front-end to the week's most popular albums.


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