Linux User Group Hell

I discovered that there was a local Linux User Group which was meeting once a month at a college not far from my house and I decided to stop by at their last meeting so that I could meet fellow GNU/Linux enthusiasts.

I guess I had my expectations set too high because I figured that since it was at a college I would be able to meet people around my own age group and there would be some some real interest in the operating system with possible distribution, configuration, and general discussion.

I brought my laptop along since I anticipated that was what the members would be doing.

Unfortunately, it turned out that 99.9% of the people attending the LUG appeared to be in their fifties and they thought it was funny that I actually brought my Slackware powered laptop to their LUG since the classroom they were in was outfitted with Windows XP machines (which they figured was just perfect).

It kind of irked me when they made a few comments about me bringing my laptop when they saw it as I walked into the room. I was basically told to not bother bringing it next time.

The only other GNU/Linux powered machine in the room was that of the person who was doing the "presenting". I have to say that the way they run the LUG bores the hell out of me and it made me feel as if I was in school again.

I spent the entire two hour meeting watching him explain the basics of The Gimp and Open Office over an overhead projector and after a few minutes of them trying to decide what to talk about next month they all immediately filed out of the room and straight went home.. no one bothering to stick around and chat.

Perhaps I am being a bit too inconsiderate or judgmental, but it didn't leave a good impression with me and as such it is possibly the first and last time I plan on visiting my local LUG.


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