Apple //e Enhanced

As someone with a soft spot for out-dated hardware I have a tendency to acquire and fix unwanted machines so that they can be useful one again. My most recent project was definately no exception to the rule.

It was a filthy Apple //e Enhanced computer that had years of grime and some ball point pen markings tracing around its edges. Aside from that though it was in pretty good shape and I am fairly pleased at how well it cleaned up (even though I couldn't get some of the pen marks completely off of the case).

To make a long story short, after purchasing a Monitor //, 5.25" floppy drive, and a few other things it is now happily chugging along once again.

I'll mostly be using it for retro gaming and to connect to some of the Bulletin Board Systems that I frequent via a serial connection to one of my GNU/Linux machines. Of course the latter will have to wait a few days until the Super Serial Card that I bought comes in the mail. I would have added one already but I just couldn't bring myself to break the seal on the box containing my still 'new' Apple II Super Serial Card which I've had laying around.

It is a great feeling to bring new life into an old computer and also relive some of the finer moments of your youth at the same time. If you are interested in the specs of the Apple //e, you can see them on the "My Computers" page.

Now if you will excuse me.. Oregon Trail is calling. :)


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