Damaged my Cowon iAudio 7

I had my Cowon iAudio7 in my pocket most of the day and when I took it out to use during lunch it suddenly froze and wouldn't power back on for a little bit.

After looking it over, I noticed that the iAudio 7 had a nice crack on the right side of the Swing Touch control which left an indentation (The one place that wasn't covered by the plastic case it is encased in).

I have absolutely no idea what I did or what I hit in order to ruin it, but I could have lived with the crack provided things still functioned properly.

Unfortunately, the unit is malfunctioning badly so I am forced to set it aside and purchase a new Ogg Vorbis player.

Does anyone know if there is a better Ogg Vorbis capable player than the iAudio 7 out these days? If not, I'll just get another iAudio as I really liked it.


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