I have been "addicted" to Minecraft for the past few months.

Minecraft is a Java-based video game in which the player is given an open world to explore. Within your world you can build structures, mine, navigate subterranean caverns, and fight off a variety of monsters.

A lot of people look at Minecraft and immediately dismiss the game's value simply because the world it uses relatively simple graphics. However, If you wanted a great example that showcases the fact that gameplay is far more important than fancy graphics, then you do not need to look any farther this game.

The game really draws you it as you run around trying to collect supplies during the day so that you can have the adequate shelter, light, and weapons needed in order to survive when the undead come out to play at night.

However, even when the Sun is shining you are still not completely safe. The Creeper, a stealthy creature that kills you via a kamikaze attack, is always sneaking around waiting for the perfect opportunity to get close to you.

I highly recommend that everyone check it out if you have not done so all ready.

There is a free version (no monsters and less features) available for you to try which runs within your browser. If you like it, you can purchase it for around $14 and download the game client.


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