Openbox 3.3 has been released

Rejoice my fellow Openbox users! Openbox 3.3 has finally been released.

If you have not been keeping up with the development of this great window manager here is your chance to see what you have been missing.

Heck.. This is even a golden opportunity for you other *box users coughfluxbox and blackboxcough out there to jump ship.

Changes since 3.3rc2:

  • Add a showDelay option for the dock.
  • Fixed onscreen-keeping code which broke a bit in -rc2.
  • Fix incorrect handling of window properties on 64 bit arches.
  • Fix pixelsize being the same as size for pango, now it is correct.
  • Fix drawing of icons taller than wide, eg gimp.
  • Add a "mirrorhorizontal" gradient, like horizontal but mirrored in the center and "splitvertical" which is like vertical but nonlinear in a fancy way.
  • Translations for de, hr and zh_TW added.
  • Add initial per-app settings support.
  • Fix some outstanding issues with 64-bit support.
  • Add an optional delay for displaying submenus so you can move the mouse over some entries without flashing each submenu.
  • Plug some minor memleaks and fix minor bugs.
  • Changed algorithm for downscaling window icons.
  • New themes!
  • Disable support for libstartup-notification by default, it does not seem to work well.
  • Allow disabling of duplicate window numbering by option titleNumber in theme section.
  • Add moverelative and resizerelative actions.
  • Option middle for menus that make submenus be centered instead of aligned by the top edge to the parent entry.
  • Fix transient (ie dialog) windows being placed offscreen if the parent is close to the edge of the screen.

Download: openbox-3.3.tar.gz


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