Help test the upcoming release of Openbox 3.4.5

Openbox is in need of some people to help test the upcoming 3.4.5 release.

If you are interested, please download openbox-3.4.5-test and report any bugs that you find to the Openbox Bugzilla so that they can be properly tracked.

When filing bug reports, please include the best way for the developers to reproduce the problem and check to see if a similar bug report as already been filed.

Current 3.4.5 Changelog:

  • Updated Finnish, Russian, German and French translations
  • Fixed some very minor memory leaks
  • Hide the desktop popup when showing the focus popup
  • Fix a crash when trying to access the More... menu of client-list-combined-menu
  • Fix the coordinate popup only showing up on the first monitor in xinerama


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