1. My Firefox Setup

    This post is more for my future reference than anything, but hopefully it is useful to others as well. :)

    Browser Information:

    Firefox with OpenSUSE's patches which allows it to integrate better into KDE.

    If you use Archlinux, it can be obtained through the AUR. The package name is firefox-kde-opensuse ...

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  2. KDE-orientated usergroup on deviantART

    I recently started using deviantART again after a rather long hiatus and it seems that the Linux community on it has grown considerably.

    These days it has user-groups for a variety of desktop environments, window managers, and miscellaneous Linux-orientated projects.

    However, I discovered that deviantART surprisingly lacked a KDE-centric user-group ...

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  3. mutt-kz: A new mutt fork

    I stumbled upon a relatively new fork of mutt recently called mutt-kz.

    It is a project which was created with the purpose of modernizing mutt by heavily integrating notmuch, a fast mail indexer, into the client. This integration provides mutt-kz with the ability to have full-text searching, tagging, virtual folders ...

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