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  1. Simple Apple Newton Wallpaper

    I just realized that although I uploaded this wallpaper to Flickr in February, I had completely forgotten to post it on my own website. Anyway, this is a simple Apple Newton wallpaper that I created one night in order to kill some time while bored.

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  2. Collecting the Classic Apple Macintosh

    There has always been a special place in my heart for Apple's original Macintosh line and now I am starting to get around to adding them to my collection.

    I have had a Macintosh Classic II for some time now, but I have now acquired two Macintosh Plus systems ...

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  3. So.. I ended up buying an Apple iPad

    I know.. I know. I should have waited until a viable open source powered tablet was released.

    I don't normally blow a huge wad of cash on things (especially first generation products), but after reading the reviews and most importantly actually playing around with a demo iPad for a ...

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